I work with individuals, couples, and groups. My passion is working with anxiety and trauma. My work is as an integration of East and West Psychology. I operate from the conviction that both modern psychology and the world’s spiritual traditions are right about human nature. My theoretical orientation is somatic, relational, experiential, and attachment-theory-based.


So what does all this mean?




As we grow up, we learn to detach from our body in order to protect ourselves from pain. When we hit our finger with a hammer, our reflex is to stop breathing and contract the muscles. By inhibiting the sensory awareness, we protect ourselves from experiencing the unbearable pain. This muscular contraction is called body armor. In somatic psychotherapy, we identify this chronic muscular pattern. By listening to what the body remembers, we can quickly access traumatic memories. I use Hakomi, which is a form of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy. In our work we will study the present moment with mindfulness, and explore sensations, gestures, and postures.    




There are two people in the room during our sessions: You and Me.  And we have a relationship. We usually have wounded areas because of past relationships. Therefore, relationships can also be a source of healing. Using our relationship as a laboratory, you will be able to try new ways of being with someone else.





Gestalt therapy looks at how the past and future are alive in the present moment. Rather than talking about things we will experience them. It is in the present that feelings arise, our bodies experience sensations, and we make choices. We bring your challenges to light and work with them in a way that helps you take the next step and experience change during the session.    




As you talk about your life, past and present, we will become aware of deeply rooted patterns. Together, we will learn about how things that happened in the past are connected to the distress you have in your life today. 




We all have intuition. Birds can sense when tsunamis come, squirrels know when it is time to gather food before the winter, and humans have intuition too. We just lose touch with it, along with our ability to trust it. In our time together - with the help of dreamwork, messages that our body sends us, and the resonance between us in the room -  we will get in touch with that deeper source of wisdom. I will help you connect to your true self while challenging you with loving and compassionate presence.



Sessions can be conducted in English or Hebrew.